Canadian Notice and Access

What It Means

Changes Effective February 2013

Positive change rarely comes without effort. Broadridge has implemented new innovative technology in support of Notice and Access. We are ready to assist you. We offer a full suite of Notice and Access services for Canadian Issuers by leveraging our success in implementing Notice and Access in the United States in 2007.

Notice and Access has the potential to improve securityholder communications, reduce document delivery costs and shrink the carbon footprint. However, careful planning must first be done. You can start your planning process by accessing the Broadridge Proxy Timeline through*. The planner provides you with a list of tasks and timelines that will help you successfully implement Notice and Access.

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We have the experience, know-how and comprehensive service offering to help ensure you realize the full benefits of Notice and Access.

*Issuers must have a profile set up to access this service.  If you do not have a profile contact your Broadridge representative or email us at

Issuers have options for distributing proxy materials

Notice and Access

If you choose to use Notice and Access for your meeting, the meeting Notice must be sent to your security holders 30 days in advance of the meeting. At the same time, the meeting material must be posted on SEDAR and a publicly-available non-SEDAR website. The 30-day delivery requirement also applies to the delivery of paper documents when using Notice and Access.

Consideration should also be given to such things as the quality and functionality of the proxy documents posted on your website. For example, a large, multi-page annual report posted as a simple PDF may be cumbersome for securityholders and investment analysts to read. Also, if you direct your securityholders to your website will it have the capacity to enable many people to simultaneously access the information? Ask your Broadridge representative about our Web Hosting and Document Conversion Services to enhance the online experience of your securityholders.

Full Set

Should you decide to wait to take advantage of Notice and Access, the traditional proxy paper and post service is still required. Our experts will support you in meeting current and future regulatory requirements, help to maximize transparency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs. Contact Broadridge at 1.888.789.7780.

Meeting Services

Our Meeting Services have been augmented to capture and report votes in real time when securityholders vote in person or online. From the time your meeting’s record date is set, until the last vote is cast and reported, Broadridge will be your business partner to ensure a cost-effective and seamless execution of securityholder engagement.