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Broadridge has implemented a variety of process changes to ensure issuers can offer the Notice and Access option to securityholders. This involved a significant investment in new equipment and technology. We redeveloped the Voting Instruction Form (VIF) which includes a Quick Response (QR) code for voting and accessing proxy-related documents using smart phones and tablets. A new, 6X9 envelope will be used to deliver Notices and reduce postage costs. Further, our associates are trained on the new Canadian Notice and Access processes to ensure your implementation  goes smoothly. 

Broadridge offers a variety of web-based applications that encourage online investor engagement, information access and proxy voting:

  • Investor Mailbox
  • Interactive
    Web Documents
  • Web Hosting
  • ProxyVote®.com and

Investor Mailbox provides securityholders with access to investor communications, including proxy information, through their broker's web site.

Interactive Web Documents, in less than a week Broadridge can convert large documents such as annual reports from static PDF format into interactive HTML for ease of use by securityholders. Where PDFs generally only provide users the ability to scroll through documents, HTML provides ease-of-use features including document search capability, interactive table of contents and one-click tabs making your documents more readable for an exceptional, online, securityholder experience. is the website where securityholders can sign up for electronic delivery.

Web Hosting is a unique, secure website to host your securityholder documents. The site will offer the benefit of 24/7 securityholder access. You can imbed this site into your corporate website for seamless branding, while having it available through links from and meeting notices. Even if your corporate site may be unavailable, your disclosure documents will still be readily accessible. is the online voting platform for institutional investors.

. and allow securityholders to vote their proxies on an array of devices, including laptops, tablets and Smart phones.

Broadridge Can Help.

Broadridge can help you determine the optimal model for distributing your proxy communications. We offer a range of services and resources to analyze your securityholder communication processes and help you develop a cost effective strategy to support voting and information delivery. Speak to your Broadridge represenative today.